Issue No. 20 - December 2019 Download

David flew into Quito, huge political troubles started after the president announced that the subvention for the diesel and petrol will be taken off. That means the diesel goes up by 100% and petrol around 50%. With that, the country’s general prices like food etc. will all rise a lot where t Read more

Issue No. 19 - September 2019 Download

GAM Africa has run a crusade programme in Longido. They had about 150 young people attending the seminars from 8.30am to 6.30pm. They taught them our ‘Christian Foundational Course’ and ‘Evangelist School Course’. The presence of God was there and many youngsters were very move Read more

Issue No. 18 – June 2019 Download

We had an amazing time in Switzerland at the ICF Zug church in Cham. On Friday night David spoke at the youth outreach and at the end of the meeting around ten young people came to the front and knelt down to commit their lives to Jesus. Two of them gave their lives to the Lord for the first tim Read more

Issue No. 17 – March 2019 Download

We had an amusing Welcome on our car journey: we were greeted by a monkey so we gave him a banana. We had very powerful meetings. Every night God seemed to concentrate on a different area. The first night it was strongly on salvation and 20 got down on their knees and got saved. On the s Read more

Issue No. 16 – December 2018 Download

While we were at our last crusade in Singida, a Bishop from Babati Dareda, asked us if we can run the "Christian Foundational Course" as well as the  "Evangelist Course" in his area which is more remote. Recently, our Africa GAM Director, Robert, has been able to fulfil this request. Read more

Issue No. 15 – September 2018 Download

We had a total different crusade compared to with our last one. David could feel many enormous attacks from the enemy from different angles. The darkness is always active in an event like that. David couldn’t sleep for two  nights because of it. But PRAISE GOD, it was all worth it! 48 people ga Read more

Issue No. 14 – June 2018 Download

On one occasion when David and his friend Voy went onto the streets in Peterborough they experienced an amazing guidance by the Holy Spirit. Voy felt very clearly in his spirit to focus on the homeless that morning (David didn’t know that at that stage). Literally just a few minutes after David an Read more

Issue No. 13 – March 2018 Download

We started off as David & Donna, but it does not remain any longer as our ministry only. The team has grown and will grow even more in the future. We would like to use this newsletter fully to introduce the new team members. The directors and their teams are responsible along with David to organ Read more

Issue No. 12 – December 2017 Download

A few months ago we prayed for a family on the streets in Peterborough where God healed bodies and also set somebody free from depression. We met up with the family in their home and they invited many relatives too. The lady who had the depression confirmed that she was free since. We preached the g Read more

Issue No. 11 – September 2017 Download

Just before David opened his Bible, he prayed to God and asked the Lord to clearly speak to him (he doesn’t often do that with such a specific focus). Then David opened his bible to read on where he finished the last time and read 2. Sam. 18:1-2. (And David numbered the people that were with hi Read more
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