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We are conducting crusades in East Africa where many people get saved, healed and delivered from demonic powers and witchcraft. Some crusades are run with David preaching online to huge crowds. The translator stands next to the screen and interprets David speaking live. What is amazing too, is that God manifests strongly in healing and deliverance. Distance is really not a hindrance in the spiritual realms. After the crusades we give the new-borns a good grounding course (Our GAM Christian Foundational Course) for a week to establish them in their faith.



The Doors are Wide Open

We are now officially registered in Tanzania as Gospel Alive Ministries Africa. The government of Tanzania recognizes our ministry with great appreciation and thanked us for all the humanitarian work as well as the spiritual work we are performing in the country. This of course is a huge advantage for us to spread the gospel.We also have a seat at the annual ‘Central Government Meeting’ in Dodoma the capital, where we represent the umbrella of the Pentecostal denomination in Arusha. The Tanzanian government also accredits and recognises the different Degree Courses we teach in our three Bible Colleges (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degree).
The doors are now wide open to sweep many hundreds of people into the Kingdom of God. We also have the willing and reliable staff who are so dedicated to the point of risking their lives.
Please pray that God will give us the finances as this is the only hindrance at the moment.

GAM is the umbrella for approx 6000 churches (TPA) in Tanzania

Years ago two different prophets prophesied over David, that he will become a pastor of pastors and a teacher of teachers and a mentor to many, many leaders. This prophecy has now come true. On January 26th, 2023 GAM has become the umbrella for TPA (Tanzanian Pastors Association) which are most of the evangelical churches in Tanzania. This is a huge responsibility and we as GAM need a lot of prayer. As David is now the spiritual leader and mentor of nearly 6000 pastors, he will have to teach much more and producing teaching material for the equipment of the saints. We will also run many more pastors conferences in the future in addition to the crusades.

Bible Colleges

We have establishing GAM Mobile Bible School Centres in Tanzania (so far in Arusha, Kondoa and Karagwe-Bukoba). Most East African governments now require at least a certificate from pastors and Christian workers in order to continue their ministry otherwise they will have to close down. We hire a building for our Mobile Colleges and can therefore run it on a low-cost basis (three times cheaper than those on campus).This also means that the students don’t have to live there but can go home to their families overnight which has many different benefits. We are offering a Certificate Course, Diploma Course, Bachelor Degree Course and a Master Degree Course. We use curriculums from an American Bible College, the one our African director achieved his doctorate from. We also integrate our own material. All of our GAM Colleges as well as the courses are recognised and acknowledged by the government.  Africa is in great need of deeper Bible knowledge!


Widow projects


Maize Business
We have now found an extremely effective way for widows to establish a business for life. There are many widows who earn their money with prostitution because they are so desperate to survive. We give them a huge bag of maize along with a selling stand. They keep half of the maize bag for themselves, and the other half they sell on the market and buy more maize, (or some other relevant product). This is a one-off investment which will provide them with a business for life and therefore an ongoing source of income. It will feed them and their children as well as keep them away from prostitution. It also establishes a sense of worth in their lives which they have been totally deprived of so far. We have many widows on the waiting list.

Food Distribution
We simply distribute maize or rice etc to desperate widows.

GAM Africa TV

1st Sun of the month: Gospel
2nd Sun of the month: Youth
3rd Sun of the month: Biblical Teaching
4th Sun of the month: Q&A (of the month)
5th Sun of the month: Workshop

At 7pm (Tanzanian Time) each Sunday in Swahili

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Mentoring Churches



Sunday School in Pakistan

We have now started to run a weekly Sunday School in Pakistan with 60 orphan children. The need is great in every way. Our hearts go out for these precious children and we have a passion to teach them about the only one hope in life – JESUS CHRIST!