Profile of Working Team



David Ohin

David was born in Togo (West Africa) as his Dad is Togolese. When he was still a baby his parents moved to Switzerland as his Mum was Swiss where he was brought up. He worked in a Bank in Switzerland to the age of 24. Then he studied theology in Edinburgh for two years before he worked as an evangelist in Scotland, England and also had ministry opportunities in Switzerland, Togo, Tanzania, Ecuador and Norway.

He is married to his beloved wife Donna and they have two boys called Caleb and Jadon

When he has some free time he loves reading, gym, listening to sermons and eating ice cream.

Donna Ohin

Donna was born in Essex. Around the age of 8 Donna’s family moved to Northampton where they lived for ten years. After leaving school at the age of 16 Donna worked In Corporate Markets In Nationwide Building Society. The next move took Donna to Kent where she then worked in Branch level within the same Building Society. At the age of 22 she went to study Theology in Edinburgh. After three years in College she joined Evangelistic Teams for two years travelling throughout England and Scotland before marrying her Husband David and working more within the local areas of their home.

She loves to spend family time with her husband and their two boys Caleb and Jadon. She also loves baking, reading and coffee and cake or coffee and chocolate.

Media Assistant
Tracy Gunn

Tracy was born in Essex and later moved to Suffolk. She qualified as a product design engineer but after having two boys, Christopher and Jules, worked for 15 years as a post person and enjoyed it very much. Later on she studied to improve her computer skills and now works as a reserve library assistant. Tracy also volunteers as a digital champion and loves teaching older people and those with learning difficulties how to use computers but often learns more from them!

Tracy sometimes assists open air teams and loves to give out tracts and talk to people about the Lord Jesus.

Tracy loves reading and has a collection of hats. She particularly loves to be by the sea and is a very keen photographer. Tracy loves to cook and has a weakness for cake, particularly carrot cake. Tracy loves cats and lives with one who has three legs and a huge personalty. Her nickname is Tea because she drinks a lot of it.



Preaching & Teaching Assistant

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland. I completed a medical school and became a medical assistant. After medical school I finished grammar school to be able to study economic law. In 2016 I started studying at Rhema Bible school simultaneously with a law school in Zurich. I finished Rhema basic training in July 2018. Besides my jobs I love joining an outreach group where I discovered my heart for evangelism and His love for all people.







Robert Jackson Ng'araga (Director)

(also Director for Africa)

Eight Gospel Alive Ministries Workers

The General Secretary Dr. Eliah Edward Mauza of TCDU (Tanzanian Christian Denominations Unit) has awarded us with a post to be one of the National Cabinet members. For some events in the future we will partner with TCDU.