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March 1st LINCOLNSHIRE – Spalding Baptist Church

March 22nd LINCOLNSHIRE – Youth (teens part) - Spalding Baptist Youth

April 19th SUFFOLK - Stoke Ash Baptist Church

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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for February

David fell in love with India. It was just amazing. God did a mighty work where many (over hundred) came to Christ. David had never preached so much in his life within eight days and never prayed for so many people individually. It was more than worth it!! Healings and deliverances took place and the joy was so great. The food was delicious and David put on a lot of weight J. Now is diet time for him! Many people suffer with diabetes and heart problems, no wonder, because the Indian food (curry) every day, two or three times, is with very oily sauces. Also, every other food, including snack, are always saturated with much grease. Nice but a huge health hazard. More about India in the next Quarterly Newsletter.

F. died
We were shocked to hear the lady who just got saved in Peterborough in November, died in the beginning of January. A car hit her coming out of a supermarket. She was taken to hospital and sadly, she died days later. How wonderful that God could save her just before she launched into eternity!

David’s Dad
We praise God and are so extremely thankful that God has literally done a huge double miracle! HE protected David’s dad so that they couldn’t kill him by heavy witchcraft attacks and granted him the victory in the court after nearly three decades of battling with a wicked, deceitful and very rich opponent who just wanted to steal the field by bribing the judge.