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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for September

Urban widow project
We are piloting another project for widows in the urban area who at present earn their money with prostitution. We equipped three widows with a maize selling stand where they keep half of a huge maize bag for themselves and the other half they sell on the market and buy more maize. This is a one-off investment of £50.- which gets them started. This then will provide an ongoing source of income.

Chicken project
We are very pleased to have been able to supply more chickens to more widows and also some maize. It makes a huge difference for every single widow.

Ministry Team
We are praying for a ministry team who can help us in counselling and deliverance.

Protection prayer
We know that we may bore you, to repeatedly ask you to pray for our protection, but we have never experienced the demonic attacks on such high levels as in the last few months. As you will be aware, spiritual attacks manifest in various physical aspects of life, and we are experiencing them on numerous fronts. The battle is real and the enemy is not happy that we stir things up and bring light especially to Africa.  The book ‘Get Free & Stay Free’ which has been translated into Swahili is now distributed in Tanzania. As some of you know, the demonic realm in Africa is much more openly aggressive than here in the Western world. This book reveals a lot of why people get bound. It’s now being distributed to different Bible Colleges etc.
Also we are extremely busy with our huge project of establishing ‘Mobile Bible Colleges’ which is another reason why we become a target. Please remember us in prayer for all aspects of our beings.

Establishing two Prayer Groups
We are in the process of setting up two official prayer groups for GAM, as we feel very much the spiritual warfare is getting too much, and we need more serious praying. More about that later.

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