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Aug 30th LINCOLNSHIRE - Holbeach Baptist Church

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November 15th SUFFOLK – The Vine Church

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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for August

Caleb & Jadon
It has been wonderful to see how our boys love our family devotions. We have now started to take it in turns leading it, and it's not only sweet, but spiritually very beneficial.
It's also a blessing to see how they are so excited to have a bible cover where they can pack in all their journal aids. They carry their bibles around the house and are so delighted with them.

Preaching again
It was so strange to start preaching again in front of real people after a long break. We still need to get used to all the restrictions we are currently experiencing.

Awesome Healing Miracle
When I preached the first time back, I prayed for a lady after the service. As you are not allowed to touch anyone I told her to lay her hands on herself and I prayed for her. She was going for a scan for cancer in her leg literally the next day. She sent me the message that 15 minutes after the scan they confirmed to her that her leg is totally cancer free and she was released – Praise God!

Food Appeal
Preaching the gospel before giving out food supplies to desperate widows in Tanzania.
(All donations are used 100% for humanitarian needs.)














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