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November 17th SUFFOLK – The Vine Church

November 24th LINCOLNSHIRE – Youth (teens part) - Spalding Baptist Youth

November 29th CAMBRIDGESHIRE – Community Outreach, Peterborough

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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for November

Ecuador – The Hand of God in it!
Thank you so much for your prayers! It was amazing how God planned out everything, a bit different than we did 🙂 . A huge political uproar started after the president announced the huge rising of the fuel prices. All of Quito stood still, vandalism and violence took place. The last time Ecuador was in such a political crises was over twenty years ago. That interrupted our original programme, but gave us much more time for counselling and ministering to key people which we believe will open up new avenues and ministries in the Lord’s work for them. The spiritual attacks of the enemy were very real but God’s blessings and fruit too. We condensed all the seminars and street evangelism to one day and the preaching of the Word to another day. The church was greatly encouraged and a new season has started for that church.
David literally just made it to the airport and a few minutes afterwards they started to close the roads behind him. This whole journey was planned many months ago where only God knew what is going to happen and the timing was amazing! God wanted David to minister in that crisis and then leave before the disaster took place.