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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for January

Amazing Crusade Using Technology
David preached to over 1500 people in our 3-day GAM crusade in Tanzania. The translator stood next to the screen and interpreted David speaking online. We praise God that 43 responded and got saved. What was amazing too was that God manifested strongly in healing and deliverance. Distance is really not a hindrance in the spiritual realm. After the crusade we gave them a good grounding course for a week to establish the new-borns in their faith.

Small Crusade with Great Results
The hosting pastor was so excited about the results that he organised quickly another one-day gospel event with 320 attending and 21 got saved. Please pray for all of these new-borns.

Become a Practical Part of the Work
The doors are now wide open to sweep many hundreds of people into the Kingdom of God. We have many requests and bookings all over Tanzania. The government of Tanzania appreciates what we are doing as a ministry and gives us the full backing which is a huge blessing. We also have the willing and reliable staff who are so dedicated to the point of risking their lives. The only thing stopping us from reaching hundreds for Christ is the finances. If the Lord prompts you to give towards this, we would be very grateful.
We have been asked to detail aspects of the work and make it simple and easy to contribute towards the spreading of the gospel.
This can be used for prayers also.

Online Gospel Crusade
GBP 550.- / CHF 700.- / TZS 1,700,000.-
(Reaching hundreds of people in different areas in Tanzania)
Recipient reference: ‘Crusade’

Giving a maize selling business to one widow in Tanzania, which will set her up for the rest of her life
GBP 35.- / CHF 40.- / TZS 100,000.-
(This will replace her prostitution income.)
Recipient reference: ‘Widow business’

100kg of maize to feed 5 widows
GBP 35.- / CHF 40.- / TZS 100,000.-
Recipient reference: ‘100kg maize’

Rice for 1 widow
GBP 10.- / CHF 12.- / TZS 7,000.-
(Rice is a luxury product)
Recipient reference: ‘widow rice’

Household money bundle for 3 months
GBP 50.- / CHF 60.- / TZS 150,000.-
(Soap, medication, school fees for children, food)
Recipient reference: ‘Household money’

Wireless web camera – any contribution amount is gratefully appreciated

GBP 320.- / CHF 400.- / TZS 1,000,000.-
(For preaching and teaching in evangelistic crusades, universities, Colleges, Bible schools and churches)
Recipient reference: ‘Wireless camera’

Flat Screen 70 inches – any contribution amount will help

GBP 710.- / CHF 870.- / TZS 2,200,000.-
(For preaching and teaching in evangelistic crusades, universities, Colleges, Bible schools and churches)
Recipient reference: ‘Flat Screen’

HDMI Cable

GBP 40.- / CHF 50.- / TZS 120,000.-
(For preaching and teaching in evangelistic crusades, universities, Colleges, Bible schools and churches)
Recipient reference: ‘HDMI Cable’

General contribution to the overall ministry of GAM
Your chosen amount
(Allocated to the most pressing need at the time)


David’s Dad Funeral
Thank you so much for your prayers and all the lovely messages we have received. It was absolutely an amazing funeral service. The gospel was preached so clearly and every single one was deeply touched. In the end many responded to the message to get saved. We all take great comfort in knowing that we will see Dad/Granddad again in glory.


Feeding Orphans in Pakistan
By the grace of God we could make 100 orphans in Pakistan (whose parents are both dead) happy, by giving them a cooked Christmas dinner.


Happy New Year from G.A.M.!

We wish you a Blessed & Happy New Year with the unlimited peace of God for every challenge in the year ahead!



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