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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for March

Update of the follow up visits – Uganda Crusade:
We have now re-visited those people who came from far away. They are doing good and attend their local church. We also have given the teaching material to the pastors of the four churches the new-borns were allocated to. Many hours have been invested in teaching these precious new-borns. In the meantime, other pastors have requested the courses for their churches too. We praise God for being able to work together as the bride of Christ.

Tanzania Crusade Cancelled
Unfortunately we had to cancel our planned crusade because our leader was sick. (However, he is now fully recovered again.)

GAM has Become the Head of 6000 Churches
Many years ago two different prophets prophesied over David, part of which, is that he will become a pastor of pastors, a teacher of teachers and a mentor to many, many leaders. These prophecies are now being fulfilled. On January 26th GAM has become the umbrella for TPA (Tanzanian Pastors Association) to which belong, most (89%) of the evangelical churches in Tanzania. This is a huge responsibility and we as GAM need a lot of prayer. As David is now the spiritual leader and mentor of nearly 6000 pastors, he will have to teach much more and produce teaching material for the equipment of the saints as well as mentoring. We will also run many more pastor conferences in the future in addition to the crusades. David has called for a national day of Fasting & Prayer in all these churches in Tanzania on March 5th. This event will be announced and broadcasted to millions of people by the tv and radio. When many churches of a whole country pray, then this surely will have a huge impact in the country -Tanzania. The government (Tobora region), will be there too and the tv and radio for broadcasting the event to the country as David will preach and pray for the country on air.

Also, the ministry of GAM overall is becoming much broader. We not only emphasize evangelism and discipleship, but also teaching, providing teaching material and building up the body of Christ. Planting and structuring churches as well as mentoring pastors and leaders is also an essential aspect. One of the tools we use for that is our four GAM Bible Colleges that we run. (We will be even busier in the time ahead.) Where we can, we endeavour to help practically too, supporting widows and orphans in particular.

Reaching a People Group who has Never Heard of Jesus

Click the image to watch Hadzabe tribe footage

By the grace of God, He has opened a door for us as GAM to reach out to the ‘Hadzabe’ Tribe’ in Tanzania. This is a forest nomadic tribe which lives near to Lake Eyasi, but they move through the forests of the Kidero mountains hunting with bow and arrow.

This people group has never ever heard of the name Jesus Christ. We as GAM have visited the tribe with a government official, who was our translator on December 23rd 2022. We talked with them, ate with them (which is a huge challenge), sat with them etc. They realised that we really love them and opened their hearts to us. We invited them to come to live with us for four days over Christmas. In the past they rejected every invite to civilisation. The chief of the tribe sent four representatives on that visit. That was their very first time in civilisation.

Entering a car for the first time, walking up the stairs or trying on clothes, things we take for granted, were so unusual for them. They never wash their hands nor their bodies and refused to do so while they were with us. The main reason for this, is because they are scared, water will make them sick as life is harsh for them and when they are cold and get wet from rain, they get sick. Secondly, they believe it would spoil their skin. We took them to church and built a relationship with them.

By the amazing grace of God, the tribe has now accepted David and Dr Robert Jackson Ng’agara (GAM Africa director) as their spiritual leaders. This is such a huge privilege, because this gives us the platform to share the gospel with them.

However, there are challenges and obstacles we will have to overcome to carry out this mission.They are often on the move, as their life for survival is very hard. There is no written language and 50% of their language is clicking the tongue, which makes it even more of a challenge to overcome the language barrier.Therefore it makes it more difficult to effectively present the gospel to them. We are thinking of producing audio teachings in their language, to give them a biblical foundation of the gospel and then gathering them to teach them in crusade meetings about our Saviour Jesus Christ. If the Lord burdens you for this people group then please support us in any way you can.

Tract: - ‘What is to come’

Click this image to view the whole tract.

We tried to find a tract which is relevant for the time we are living in but somehow weren’t successful. David’s mentor then suggested to David to write his own tract which he did. If you are in the UK or an English-speaking country and you would like some then please get in touch.

Extreme Drought in East Africa
People are dying for lack of water and food. Recently a pastor died. Many animals are dying too, for the same reason. The challenge is huge at the moment. Last summer we have started the project of digging a water well which costs just under £12,000.- / CHF 13,000.- The good news is we have dug the well successfully and found water for which we praise God so much!! Please pray that we can finish the project by buying and installing the water pump and irrigation system which is still an outstanding amount of £3,325.- / CHF 3,700.- to complete. Once this project is finished, we have achieved a very important milestone as we will be able to produce food.

Become a Practical Part of the Work
The doors are now wide open to sweep many hundreds of people into the Kingdom of God. We have many requests and bookings all over Tanzania. The government of Tanzania appreciates what we are doing as a ministry and gives us the full backing which is a huge blessing. We also have the willing and reliable staff who are so dedicated to the point of risking their lives. The only thing stopping us from reaching hundreds for Christ is the finances. If the Lord prompts you to give towards this, we would be very grateful.

We have been asked to detail aspects of the work and make it simple and easy to contribute towards the spreading of the gospel. This can be used for prayers also.

Online Gospel Crusade
GBP 1,240.- / CHF 1,500.- / TZS 3,500,000.-
(Reaching hundreds of people in different areas in Tanzania)
Recipient reference: ‘Crusade’

Giving a maize selling business to one widow in Tanzania, which will set her up for the rest of her life
GBP 90.- / CHF 100.- / TZS 255,000.-
(This will replace her prostitution income.)
Recipient reference: ‘Widow business’

100kg of maize to feed 5 widows
GBP 62.- / CHF 70.- / TZS 175,000.-
Recipient reference: ‘100kg maize’

Rice for 1 widow
GBP 18.- / CHF 20.- / TZS 50,000.-
(Rice is a luxury product)
Recipient reference: ‘widow rice’

General contribution to the overall ministry of GAM
Your chosen amount
(Allocated to the most pressing need at the time)
Recipient reference: ‘General’


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