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July 21st 2019 LINCOLNSHIRE - Holbeach Baptist Church

July 27th CAMBRIDGESHIRE – Street Work, Peterborough

August 11th LEICESTERSHIRE - Hose Baptist Chapel

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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for July

Woman saved and delivered from evil spirits
It was great that after a church service David and the church leader could lead a lady 'J' to the Lord. She had many evil spirits in her which she picked up many years ago in a spiritualism church. They bothered her very much with voices. After David cast them all out she felt totally free, empty and relieved. After that we prayed that God would fill her with Himself. We would appreciate your prayers as in such cases the enemy usually seeks to come back, but God is stronger – Praise God!!! She hasn’t heard any voices anymore since and enjoys being free.

God challenged 'G'
'G' said he doesn’t believe in God. After David prayed for his arthritis in his hands God touched him instantly and 'G' was so surprised that all the pain left him straight away. That incident made him think, may be there is a God. Please pray that 'G' will indeed get saved!

Tanzania crusade
We had to postpone the crusade to July 17th – 23rd because of a national Uhuru event from the government which was not predictable.