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And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ ...
Matthew 10:7

Note for September

Amazing Salvation in our Living Room
It was so amazing and we praise God! Someone came to visit us and God showed the two main problems to David in a dream the night before. It was their second visit and therefore the second time we have shared the gospel. We asked what is stopping you to give your life to Christ? As he voiced his hurdles and hindrances, we refuted every single one until there was none left. Then he sat forward and pointed at David with his fore finger and said: “I go for it now!” We knelt down and he accepted Jesus. At the end he got a bit emotional and then he expressed so much relief, and peace. What was the most outstanding joy, was to see the very evident sudden change he experienced inside. That’s the wonder bit called ‘regeneration’. It was marvellous to witness. He said: “It was like I was asleep and now I have woken up refreshed. I feel like… alive! Like I’ve been asleep and I’m awake now.” We praise God so much for the awesome wonder of salvation!!!

Karagwe, Tansania Crusade
We have had the most unusual intervention of our crusade. We will let you know in a few days in our Quarterly Newsletter. I have given detailed reports every day during the crusade to those who are on the whatsapp group list. If you would like to be informed with the updated information during a crusade, then please let us know and we will add you to the list. God had different plans which didn’t look good to our human eyes for the short term, but absolutely brilliant for the long run. 😊Tanzanian Government Intervenes

The government has cancelled our big pastor’s conference because of the same political issue which prevented our last crusade. The Roman Catholic Board of Trustees challenged the government for what they have signed regarding the Dar-es-salaam Harbour business without asking the people of Tanzania. The government fears that this political matter would come up in the pastor conference and therefore they have postponed our conference.

David goes to Switzerland
David will preach in (Chilä Erläbt, Cham) on Sunday, September 3rd. And as usual, David’s time while away will be full with individual ministry as well. He leaves in the very early hours Wednesday (30th Aug) morning and returns on Monday 4th (our 19th Wedding Anniversary 😊.

Encounter with Jesus in the night (an indirect teaching from Jesus) – 13.09.2023
When I was praying and fasting on September 14th, the LORD told me to release this dream to the public as ‘this is not only for you David but for the body of Christ’. I didn’t find that a good idea, because of the many potential misunderstandings that it could cause. But I want to be obedient to HIS voice and carry out HIS order.

This dream was so real like, as if I physically experienced it. It is very hard to accurately describe the emotions within it, which were very strong.

I stood in front of Jesus Christ and I said to HIM out of the deepest depth of my heart: “I have nothing whatsoever to bring you! I’m empty-handed. Everything comes from you. You alone have brought the victory. I did contribute absolutely nothing at all. I rely 100% on you only. You paid EVERYTHING on the cross and I have received forgiveness of sin 100% by grace.” I spoke to HIM with watery eyes full of emotions. It came from a real heart revelation and not head knowledge, out of the deepest depth of my heart. Every fibre of my being expressed this message to Jesus. I sensed HE was pleased that I understood it but didn’t reply to me.

Then all of a sudden, we switched to another scene. Jesus was sitting on the grass in a meadow and motioned to me saying: “Come to me.” That in itself was absolutely amazing. Jesus called me to come to HIM! This was so awesome. My heart was so happy, but I was still recovering from sighing. Then I crawled on all fours (I was still so taken by what I experienced before) to Jesus’ left side. As I was on the ground and didn’t bother to get up again to walk over to HIM. He was only about seven metres away. It was very significant to me in the dream, that while I was on the way to Jesus, to approach HIM on His left side where His heart was, which I did. Then I sat next to HIM leaning at His side close to His heart. Then we were there together enjoying each other’s company.

(But every encounter with Jesus always has a specific purpose.)

Then after a while Jesus asked me a totally unexpected question, totally off topic: “Do car drivers need to give accountability?” I pondered for about one second and replied: “No.” (It is now very significant for you to know how I came to that conclusion). I thought anyone can go onto the streets at any time without giving any accountability to anyone. Meaning, if I drive somewhere I don’t come home and need to give accountability to anyone where I have been and why etc. About two seconds after my answer there was literally an accident taking place on the road behind us. I said to Jesus: “You know, I saw that accident coming.” (Somehow as I observed the road and saw what was going on and I realised it was now too late and nobody can anymore prevent the two people coming towards each other crashing. And they did. Thankfully nobody was harmed. Then I woke up. I realised; I gave Jesus the wrong answer because I came from the wrong end of the stick. I had the wrong perspective.

This dream had such a deep impact on me and I was pondering about it and asking the LORD what that means. The next two days HE revealed to me the following:

There are three major and important components in that dream.

1.     To establish the foundation in our Christian life is the most important thing. To know that absolutely everything is based on HIS work on the cross and we can’t contribute anything. HE loves us unconditionally. When we truly know this in our hearts and not only in our heads then EVERYTHING changes in our relationship with Jesus and in our Christian walk! ‘For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.’ Eph 2:8-9

2.     When we understand the above it’s so much easier to approach Jesus and be close to His heart which is the best place to be in this life. Especially in the times ahead. You will feel perfectly safe and at peace. ‘I sat down, in His shade with great delight’ (Song of Solomon 2:3). Also we read in John 21:20 ‘…who also had leaned on His breast…’ We all can sit with Him and be close to His heart! This is not only for me, but for everyone in Christ who is truly saved!

3.     Jesus wants to mould our thinking more and more to His one (Rom 12.2 ‘…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’) (Phil 2:5 ‘Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.’) This is what the LORD wants now to do in many lives of His children. In different aspects of our lives, situations or views we are missing spiritual elements and as a result of that we come to wrong conclusions. We are too earthly focused, physically focused or us focused so that we come to wrong conclusions. Often, we miss the Heavenly aspect of a matter and we have come to a wrong judgment and conclusion. ‘…seek those things which are above…’ (Col 3:1). The Lord showed me that the key word is ‘mindset’. If our mindset is not in line with Jesus, we will not be able to discern and see properly. I know that the demonic influences and deception will become stronger and if our focus is anything else other than Jesus, we are in danger not to see properly and develop a wrong mindset. We will be on a different wave length like I was in the dream. Jesus was talking about everybody has a responsibility on the roads and is accountable for his actions and came from a totally different angle. This road incident was only to illustrate His point about mindset. It could have also been another illustration with a different scenario than the driver’s accountability. Here are a few openings for that wrong mindset: arrogance, being unteachable, wrong focus or motives etc. We can ask Him to give us the right perspectives (Rev. 3:18 ‘…anoint your eyes with salve, that you may see.’

Maybe it would be a good idea to pray about this and ask the Holy Spirit what this means to you?

Be blessed!

Tract: - ‘What is to come’

Click this image to view the whole tract.

We tried to find a tract which is relevant for the time we are living in but somehow weren’t successful. David’s mentor then suggested to David to write his own tract which he did. If you are in the UK or an English-speaking country and you would like some then please get in touch.

Become a Practical Part of the Work
The doors are now wide open to sweep many hundreds of people into the Kingdom of God. We have many requests and bookings all over Tanzania. The government of Tanzania appreciates what we are doing as a ministry and gives us the full backing which is a huge blessing. We also have the willing and reliable staff who are so dedicated to the point of risking their lives. The only thing stopping us from reaching hundreds for Christ is the finances. If the Lord prompts you to give towards this, we would be very grateful.

We have been asked to detail aspects of the work and make it simple and easy to contribute towards the spreading of the gospel. This can be used for prayers also.

Online Gospel Crusade
GBP 1,240.- / CHF 1,500.- / TZS 3,500,000.-
(Reaching hundreds of people in different areas in Tanzania)
Recipient reference: ‘Crusade’

Giving a maize selling business to one widow in Tanzania, which will set her up for the rest of her life
GBP 90.- / CHF 100.- / TZS 255,000.-
(This will replace her prostitution income.)
Recipient reference: ‘Widow business’

100kg of maize to feed 5 widows
GBP 62.- / CHF 70.- / TZS 175,000.-
Recipient reference: ‘100kg maize’

Rice for 1 widow
GBP 18.- / CHF 20.- / TZS 50,000.-
(Rice is a luxury product)
Recipient reference: ‘widow rice’

General contribution to the overall ministry of GAM
Your chosen amount
(Allocated to the most pressing need at the time)
Recipient reference: ‘General’


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