Collar Bone Instantly Healed


Muzee Christian Aweri (TZ)

My name is Muzee Christian Aweri and I’m 80 years old. On January 8th 2019 I travelled to my village with some other people to attend a funeral service of one of my relatives. The vehicle lost control and overturned. As a result of that accident my collar bone fractured and I was in terrible pain for a long time even when wearing my bandage. When I attended the crusade where I was prayed for, God instantly healed me and I took my bandage off as I had not need anymore to wear it. Glory be to God!



Instant healing (migraine + backache) and deliverance


Bozena Kandrac (UK)

I had terrible migraines and back aches. When David put his hands on my head and began to pray for my healing a demon manifested in me. When he began to cast it out I fell on the floor and vomited. In that moment something left me. When I stood back up on my feet my migraine and back ache were totally gone. Thank you Jesus!!! I’m so extremely happy! I feel so good now.


God healed one day before


Mary (UK)

I had been suffering from several problems over 18 months, on September 22nd 2017 I attended an appointment with a consultant at Leicester General Hospital, he advised me I had a growth and needed an operation to remove it which was scheduled for 25th September. I could not keep food down, constantly vomiting and had lost several stones in weight.

On the 24th September I attended Corby Pentecostal Church and was prayed for by David and Donna Ohin from from Gospel Alive Ministries, I felt the Lord had touched me in a very real way and when I went home from Church I ate a meal for the first time in over a year instead of being on a liquid diet, when I attended the hospital the next day I had another MRI scan which showed the growth had disappeared. When I saw the specialist in October he again confirmed there was no growth there and I told him the Lord had healed me.


God instantly healed our whole family


Jan (UK)

David visited us. Then my father came and joined us as well for a short time. My father hardly could sit down because his back and leg were so bad and painful. David prayed for him a few times and then my father got so excited as God healed him right there and then in my house. He jumped up and down and bent up and down which he couldn’t do beforehand. He left immediately to get my mother who also was having a bad back and suffers terribly with migraine. When David prayed for her an evil spirit manifested and after he cast it out her back ache and migraine left her. After that I asked David if he could pray for me and my partner too. It was literally amazing, our backaches left us too immediately. It has been now a few weeks and we are all ok.


Broken toe healed


Tracy (UK)

I just wanted to share with you an amazing answer to prayer. I had tripped and fallen and in doing so managed to break my middle toe and was in a lot of pain. It was very bruised and swollen and I could not put any weight on it. I also could not put my foot in shoes as the pain was too much. The nurse said that there was nothing they could do about it but that it would take 3-6 weeks to heal if I kept my weight off of it.

Naturally I was quite upset about that. During a telephone conversation I told David what I had done and he said “Would you like to pray about it?” I said, “Yes.” He then said,  “Put your hand on your toe and we will pray.” David prayed for it to be healed and for the pain and bruising to be gone.

The next day when I got up I forgot about my toe and was walking around the house as normal when I remembered! I realized that I had felt no pain on walking or standing on it. When I looked down I saw that the bruising and swelling were gone and that it felt normal again. I have had no problem with it since! Praise the Lord!

Before prayer






After prayer — the very next morning


Legs immediately healed!


Penina (TZ)

I have been suffering from leg pain in both legs for over fourteen years but after Evangelist David Ohin prayed I was immediately healed and am now able to stretch my legs without pain. I’m from Sinonik F.P.C.T being spiritually mentored by Pastor Joseph Kazimoto. The Pastor approves of the many years of prayers I have received prior I got healed by the prayer of David Ohin.


Back healed after 40 years!


Richard (UK)

Praise the LORD for the healing. – I have had a back problem for about 40 years until recently. At its worst point walking more than a few yards was an impossibility. Throughout this time I have been a Christian and have been prayed for several times. As with all back problems it has ebbed and flowed and my mobility would improve for short periods and then revert to being impossible. The 19th July this year was a day when my back was excessively painful, it was also the day of a funeral of an acquaintance. This was a graveside only service, where we could expect to be standing for some time. To offset this I took two folding chairs, one for a friend and one for myself. When we went to the graveside, an elderly lady came who was on crutches and obviously in distress. So I gave her my chair. As we stood there waiting, the pain became so intense that I had to go and lean on the graveyard fence, which fortunately was close by. The LORD sent three people to help me. The first came during the service, whilst I was leaning on the fence to check that I was all right, the second came at the end of the graveside service and carried the folding chairs back to the car. Lastly Afterwards David came to me whilst we were at the wake, and rather than ask a question, he stated, “you have a back problem” and proceeded to lay hands on me and prayed. By the following morning I knew that there was an improvement in my back. Two days later we went on holiday and I walked distances far in excess of anything I had done for years, including some significant hills! In conclusion, I can only say “Thank you Jesus” for sending his people to me on that day, and for healing me from this long standing problem.


Boys pray and ME instantly left


Anneli (UK)

Fifteen years ago after a serious flu like illness I was diagnosed suffering Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or M.E. As it is more commonly known. My doctor called it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I spent a year, either in bed or on the settee with profound exhaustion, mental fuzziness, insomnia, muscle pain etc. Nothing could be done.

I recovered physically but lost all my desire to live for seven years until God sent His Word and healed me. Christians in several churches had prayed, some even every day for all that time. I had lost my faith, but even so God remained faithful.

So, since 2009 I have been wonderfully healthy, now 65, full of life and faith, until, in early November I had again a bad flu like illness and although I took good care of myself I wasn’t recovering and 6 weeks later began to have the same symptoms as 15 years ago. The M.E. Had come back, and the brain was fuzzier than ever and walking which I so love had to stop.

When I wrote to David & Donna that I was so unwell again, they wrote back (talking also wore me down, so phone calls were no no, & I do normally talk a lot). Anyhow they offered to pray on the phone. Our Bible reading that day was Psalm 8 and verse 2 really touched my heart… from the lips of children and so on, and I sensed a conviction that I must ask young Caleb and Jadon to pray for me, too, if it was ok with David & Donna.

The phone call came one evening and Caleb prayed first: “Be healed in the name of Jesus, Amen.” All I could say was: “Thank you darling, it will be done as you have prayed.”  Then Jadon prayed also prayed most convincingly: “Be healed in the name of Jesus, Amen.” I was amazed and sensed the love of Jesus around me and I replied to Jadon in the same way as to Caleb.

The next day, a very strenuous day with visitors, I did everything & talked incessantly without any rest, and been walking 25 minutes to town. All the symptoms gone!


This really is a true healing. I am as good as new, instant healing too.



Deafness Healed


Carol (UK)

When I was born I had my hearing. At aged 2-3 I had a bad ear infection, which possibly scared both ear drums. Nobody noticed. I grew up to aged seven with my parents and had some difficulty hearing; dad noticed; mum said I was just ignoring things. I attended school (not for deaf children) without hearing aids; or knowledge of it, and had great difficulty in the classroom – I just copied from the blackboard.

Time passed and my mother died when I was aged nineteen. My dad then told me to go to the doctor and have my ears tested. From that I was sent to hospital for more tests; – sure enough, in about three weeks I had two hearing aids. The damage was scarred ear drums.
As the years passed, my hearing worsened and I had stronger aids after every visit. In 1988 and 2001 I had brain surgery, which may have damaged another part of my ears. My hearing worsened again, and in July 2015 I had another hearing test. My loss then was so profound I had 0% hearing without hearing aids -and had very little with them. The Hospital said – “Maybe I should have cochlea implant”?

In August I visited a Christian friend and Christian family (Ohin). On the Saturday we were walking along the beach promenade. The husband, wife, two children and I, were talking about how you miss things, like – odd words and sounds when deaf; also your balance is bad, etc. Then we all agreed
<em>”God is the same yesterday, today and forever.”</em>
“He can perform miracles”.
Then one of the boys, aged 6 ½, said “Why don’t we pray now?” So we did: by the beach huts; asking the Lord to give me my hearing back, adding<em>, “By His stripes we are healed”</em>..and standing on His Word. After our time of praying ; – I took the hearing aids out – I still heard noises – I asked the Husband to speak – I heard him – I turned my back toward him; so I couldn’t lip-read him – I still heard him perfectly : “PRAISE THE LORD” – we exclaimed!!! The same happened with his wife. Everything was so strange ; after over fifty years!! From then on, I could hear birds, ambulances, people, footsteps, rain on the window, a fridge going on/off, etc.;  so many NEW things. Next I went to hospital to have my hearing tested!! They wanted me to come back – because they couldn’t believe it!! Hearing!
….”God is good!!”….
Then recently; go back again!! I am still able to hear…
“2 Peter 3 v 18”

Because they still couldn’t believe it I had to have another hearing test. After that test I went in to the doctor who looked into both ears and told me, no scars on either eardrum—all gone! He was astounded — Praise God!

The story continues…

Another trip the hospital! This time I had an appointment with a doctor who is a specialist (in hearing). And before our ‘consultation’, I had to take another hearing test which showed even a better result than before. Praise the Lord!

The doctor asked me: “what has happened?” So I told him the story and about the ‘ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD’. Also that when Jesus walked the earth, He was healing people, the deaf heard and the blind saw. “God is the same yesterday today and forever”. “He’s done it in my life today”. Two weeks later I received a phone call from that specialist doctor himself asking me ‘to give him an appointment!’ “Could you come and tell me more about that God who healed you?” He also said: “if that God is who you say HE is; then EVERYONE in the country should know about HIM”. When I met him, he wanted to know more about my deafness and the family’s ‘deaf history’. At every opportunity I kept bringing “the glory of God” into the conversation, because; medical people cannot: and will not be able to argue with, ‘A MIRACLE’!


Medical Letters before the healing

Carol s doctors letters - English


Arthritis disappeared


Carol (UK)

In early March 2015 I asked David to pray for me for healing of my eyesight (I am visually impaired) and after a talk together he also prayed for healing for arthritis in every part of me.

When I got home I was aware that the pain in my ankle had gone!! That night I had to trust that this was a healing from Jesus and not take any pain killers before going to bed. I started to think the pain would come back, but it didn’t throughout the whole night. I then declared this was a healing given by Jesus, phoned a couple of close Christian friends to pray for me as I took the step not to take pain killers.

No pain at all overnight or when I got up!! Praise the Lord!

If I do let thoughts coming that my arthritis will come back I boldly declare that I have healing from The Lord Jesus.

I know that in His time The Lord Jesus will restore my eyesight and I look forward that happening. Watch this space!


Heartbeat instantly and miraculously regulated


Harry (UK)

During the course of the past year I had four unplanned visits to the hospital via paramedics, with heart problems, chiefly caused by irregular heart beats, known as A.F. After various tests it was decided I should have a medical procedure to stop the heart and re-start in order to get the beats on a regular basis, (cardio version), and a date was set for this.

During the waiting period we attended the Faith Mission Convention in Edinburgh, where much kindness was shown to us. Between one of the meetings David Ohin enquired of my wife about my health and he asked me if I would mind him praying for me. He laid hands on me and prayed and I felt a real difference. Following this my wife, being a nurse, took my pulse on various occasions afterwards and found it regular, and she herself, thought it’s amazing.

On returning from the Convention and going for a pre-admission visit for tests. The consultant was amazed with the tests and the result was I did not require the medical procedure. For me it was a clear answer to prayer for which I thank the Lord.

With grateful thanks to God.


Lesion on liver disappeared


Tracey (UK)

I am enclosing a copy of the doctor’s letter confirming the lesion gone. (I have erased the bits that don’t apply…) The lesion was picked up on my liver after a routine CT scan on my pancreas (because I have pancreatic insufficiency) and we feared the worst. Although small in size we were worried because I have had cancer before. They did two other scans a few months apart on which the lesion was clearly seen but after you prayed over me that day, the following scan was clear!! Thank you Jesus!

Thank you David for being such a wonderful open vessel for God to pour His spirit and light through into others and thank you Jesus that your touch still has its ancient power!

for website - Tracy Gunn - med report - blanked version


Where western medicine couldn’t help, God could!


Baby Mason (UK)

My youngest son was 1 year old when he began suffering with what the doctors called chronic constipation. This diagnosis sounds relatively minor compared to that of serious or fatal diseases, but having to sit and watch your toddler scream and shake in agony whilst trying to have a bowel movement, is nothing short of heartbreaking.

He was prescribed several different forms of laxatives which failed to help him. We paid to see a private consultant at Bupa who admitted him in to hospital, where he was fed a high strength laxative through his nasal passage over a period of 4 days, as it was impossible to administer it orally. I stayed with him the whole time, 4 days in a children’s ward surrounded by very poorly babies and children, all the while praying to God that my baby would be healthy and that his troubles would soon be over.

After almost 1 year of hospitals, doctors, consultants, medical procedures, enemas and medications, I had almost given up hope and failed to see any light at the end of the tunnel, until my cousin put me in touch with a lovely man named David Ohin. David came into our lives when we didn’t know where else to turn, when western medicine continued to fail to take away the pain and distress my boy continued to experience every day. I welcomed David and his help with open arms and embraced every word he said.

One afternoon David asked me to take my phone up to my son’s nursery where he was sleeping and put his voice on speaker. He asked me to place my phone near to the area that was causing my baby so much pain, so I held the phone over my son’s lower abdomen. David spoke clearly and confidently, he asked The Lord to take away the pain, to heal and to rid my boy’s body of evil. By this point my son had awoken and he lay still and quiet during this time. Once David had thanked God for his good graces, my little man let out a gentle sigh and smiled. He was 2 years old. From that day, no more screaming, no more shaking, no more pain and his medication was immediately reduced and complete within a couple of months.

That day changed our lives and I could not be more thankful to God for bringing David into our world. The Lord has use for us all and David’s use is a vessel of healing and positivity.

So I thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart and my faith in The Lord and his powers is stronger than ever.