Issue No. 35 - September 2023 Download

PRAISE GOD!!!! Thank you so much for praying and be part of it! It was really amazing! David left home at 2am not feeling well at all and with a bad headache fighting against the cold (it was his own mistake as he went for a run with Caleb even though he told his daddy not to join him as it was to Read more

Issue No. 34 - June 2023 Download

We are so excited! After a lot of hard work we are now ready to take the 12 orally translated teaching lessons to the Hadzabe tribe. As soon as the rains have stopped, we will take the 15 mp3 players (charged by solar pow- er) to the main leaders of the tribe. They then will make sure Read more

Issue No. 33 - March 2023 Download

Many years ago two different prophets prophesied over David, part of which, is that he will become a pastor of pastors, a teacher of teachers and a mentor to many, many leaders. These prophecies are now being fulfilled. On January 26th GAM has become the umbrella for TPA (Tanzanian Pastors Associati Read more

Issue No. 32 - December 2022 Download

I have never seen anything like it! This refers to both tremendous difficulties and demonic resistance, as well as the power of God. In the first meeting we found out why. There are many demonic altars and witchdoctors in that place who were fighting against us with great force. First of all, we co Read more

Issue No. 31 - September 2022 Download

We praise God so much for His grace He has given to us for our first Crusade in Pakistan in a very remote village (Correction: The village was not New Jerusalem! New Jerusalem will be the next one. My team was already a step ahead :-) Five Hundred people came and many didn’t fit into the room. So Read more

Issue No. 30 - June 2022 Download

We had a great crusade in Musoma TANZANIA which is at the lake of Victoria. However, the battle was great too as it was in every single crusade we have had so far. This is where your prayers have been life changing. Here is one incidence about what we believe your prayers have done. In the very firs Read more

Issue No. 29 - March 2022 Download

It was amazing, the local government in Kyerwa, Tanzania opened the event for our GAM crusade. On one day David preached to over 1500 people on our 3-day GAM crusade in Kyerwa, Tanzania. The translator stood next to the screen and interpreted David speaking live - online We praise God that 43 Read more

Issue No. 28 - December 2021 Download

We are absolutely excited to let you know that a big dream has come true! We have established 3 GAM Mobile Bible School Centres in Tanzania,-specifically in Arusha, Dodoma and Karagwe-Bukoba, with an average of 14 students per College. Most East African governments now require at least a certifica Read more

Issue No. 27 - September 2021 Download

I’m pastor Sam Ochieng from Uganda and I want to tell you about a lady, Sarah, who had been suffering from migraine headaches for nearly two years. She had gone to many doctors and churches seeking help, yet nothing worked. Sarah had no hope that one day she would get healed. Then on Thursday she Read more

Issue No. 26 - June 2021 Download

It was such a blessing to baptise the couple who got saved, in their own back garden. The sun came out too, just for the baptism. Please pray for J & L as they are wanting to grow and gain strength in their sincere walk with the Lord. Weekly GAM tv in Swahili We are so pleased that God gav Read more
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