Issue No. 28 - December 2021 Download

We are absolutely excited to let you know that a big dream has come true! We have established 3 GAM Mobile Bible School Centres in Tanzania,-specifically in Arusha, Dodoma and Karagwe-Bukoba, with an average of 14 students per College. Most East African governments now require at least a certifica Read more

Issue No. 27 - September 2021 Download

I’m pastor Sam Ochieng from Uganda and I want to tell you about a lady, Sarah, who had been suffering from migraine headaches for nearly two years. She had gone to many doctors and churches seeking help, yet nothing worked. Sarah had no hope that one day she would get healed. Then on Thursday she Read more

Issue No. 26 - June 2021 Download

It was such a blessing to baptise the couple who got saved, in their own back garden. The sun came out too, just for the baptism. Please pray for J & L as they are wanting to grow and gain strength in their sincere walk with the Lord. Weekly GAM tv in Swahili We are so pleased that God gav Read more

Issue No. 25 - March 2021 Download

We have received positive feedbacks since David’s book has been published: “Your book is powerful. I have been applying the principles. Fruit: one inner healing. PTL. One physical healing, spine. PTL. One curse discerned. The person understood and agreed to have it sorted. PTL. The name o Read more

Issue No. 24 - December 2020 Download

It was absolutely awesome to lead a couple to Christ in a park of Peterborough. After explaining how to get born again with the Nicodemus and Ephesians passages we all knelt down and they repented and gave their lives to Jesus. We are staying in touch with them and disciple them. Please pray for the Read more

Issue No. 23 - September 2020 Download

David baptised a lot of people, but what an outstanding joy to be able to baptise his own sons on Father’s Day, on the longest day of the year together with Donna! This was an unforgettable memory for our whole family. Caleb was so happy after he was baptized. He also thanked us lots of times Read more

Issue No. 22 - June 2020 Download

We give God the glory that we could celebrate our 5th year of GAM, Gospel Alive Ministries. Jean is our secretary and lives in Chesterfield (UK).   Gilda lives in Zürich (Switzerland) and helps us out with translating Newsletters and other materials from English into German. Read more

Issue No. 21 - March 2020 Download

Over a hundred people got saved altogether during David’s visit to India, where he stayed in three places with many different meetings! Praise God! We travelled to India. David went to three different places where he preached at local churches. God was there and people got delivered Read more

Issue No. 20 - December 2019 Download

David flew into Quito, huge political troubles started after the president announced that the subvention for the diesel and petrol will be taken off. That means the diesel goes up by 100% and petrol around 50%. With that, the country’s general prices like food etc. will all rise a lot where t Read more

Issue No. 19 - September 2019 Download

GAM Africa has run a crusade programme in Longido. They had about 150 young people attending the seminars from 8.30am to 6.30pm. They taught them our ‘Christian Foundational Course’ and ‘Evangelist School Course’. The presence of God was there and many youngsters were very move Read more
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